The Moon and the Outer Planets – The Many Moods of the Modern Moon


Shawn Nygaard

Shawn Nygaard

Sunday 2nd June 2024
15.30-18.00 BST

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Webinar Description

Significations of the Moon across astrology bring together an interesting assortment of images. As the grand and revered Queen of the velvety night sky, overseeing our sleeping and dreaming, she is associated with “the unconscious.” Her monthly phases from waxing toward full brightness and then waning back to darkness draw out the psyche’s many moods. The Moon’s nourishing qualities connect her with the archetypal and literal Mother, who give birth to little bodies and the Moon’s association with the whole of the physical body.

This webinar looks at what happens when this vital and intimate figure of the Moon connects with the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, planets aligned with the profound shift in the collective from traditional times into the modern era. We will look to natal charts and transits to the natal chart to see what happens when the Moon hooks into the restlessness and rebelliousness of Uranus (“the Awakener”), the often-overwhelming sea-world currents of Neptune (“the Loosener”), and the deeper and darker underworld regions of Pluto (and his “riches”). How do these dynamics relate to the above-mentioned qualities of the Moon, from psyche to body? The webinar includes numerous chart examples.

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