What knowledge of astrology do I need for the Diploma course?

For our Diploma Course you must have either completed the Foundation Course at the CPA or a similar course at another school. If you have not completed a foundation but you feel you have a good understanding of the planets, signs, houses and aspects in psychological astrology as well as an understanding of transits, progressions, synastry and composites then you may email us to ask for admission directly onto the Diploma. You may be asked to complete a written assessment.

Will I get written material on the course?

You will have some handouts, chart data and copies of the slides used in the course available to download. You are expected to make your own notes and buy your own books. We also supply a suggested reading list for the course of books that you may like to read for further study here.

Do I have to attend at specific times?

Each lesson is live so if you want to be fully involved in that you will need to attend at a specific time. However you can catch up on any missed lessons online by watching a recording. The supervision groups should be attended live as much as possible.

Can I watch the recordings of each class at any time?

The recordings of each lesson are available to watch online 24/48 hours after the lesson finishes. They are available 24 hours a day to watch online. You are not able to download the lessons though, they must be watched via the website. All lessons from the course will be available to you for as long as you are a student on the course.

Can I ask questions during the course?

Yes, there is a chat box for questions available in every lesson and the tutor will answer those questions live. If you miss a lesson or have additional questions about the course you may email the tutors.

Do I need a lot of online skills to take the course?

No, basic computer skills are all that is needed, if you can log into a website, find your way around the web etc. you should be fine. On registration you will be sent details of how to access the course.

Do I need any special equipment?

No, a standard computer with headset or speakers, and a good broadband connection is all you need. Details of the requirements for your PC or Mac are here. In the Diploma course supervision groups you will need a headset when you are presenting a chart.

How do I pay for the course?

You pay for each term in advance by PayPal. Term 1 on registration, Term 2 at the end of Term 1, Term 3 at the end of Term 2 and so on.

Can I take the course and not take the diploma exam?

Yes, you can study just for fun or your own knowledge if you wish. The Diploma is an exam you can opt to take at the end of the course.

Can I join the course in any term?

In Year One the lessons follow on from each other so you would need to start in the October Term. Year Two terms are self contained so you can take a break from studies if you wish and rejoin later. This must be agreed with the school first. Three terms in Year Two must be completed to take the Diploma.

Do I need astrological software or have to use mathematics in the course?

Charts are calculated on the course by software or online websites, you do not have to calculate charts yourself. Links to websites which calculate charts are given or you may like to buy your own software but it is not a requirement.