1. You must be over 18 years of age to register for classes or webinars.
    2. Participants of the online classes/webinars have no intellectual property rights from the class/webinar.
    3. Participants acknowledge that all material viewed and heard during the classes/webinars are strictly the property rights of MISPA and the Tutor. You may save the material on your hard drive and print for personal use, but you may not reproduce or republish the material. Recordings and materials from the courses/webinars must not be made available to anyone else, students doing so will be excluded from any future classes/webinars without refund.
    4. By participating in online classes/webinars you permit MISPA to record and sell the lecture that you have participated in.
    5. Whilst every effort is made to record all webinars and classes we cannot guarantee a recording will be available if technical problems have made this impossible. MISPA cannot be held responsible for the quality of these recordings.
    6. Only the person that has registered for the class/webinar can attend. The fee for the class/webinar is not transferable.
    7. MISPA accepts no responsibility for any attendee of the class/webinar who has not followed the technical instructions for access to the class/webinar or who does not have a broadband connection.
    8. Cancellation of online classes/webinars. These will need to be cancelled at least 7 days before the class, webinar or course start date and will incur a 20% cancellation fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations less than 7 days of the class/webinar start date. In the event an attendee cannot attend the class/webinar, a recorded video of the class will be available to the registered participant whenever possible.
    9. Participants of a class/webinar will behave appropriately at all times.
    10. The class or webinar tutor is at liberty to use such material to illustrate the workings of astrology as is deemed appropriate by that tutor. This can include (for instance) notable or notorious people of history as well as historic events steeped in debate, controversy or revision. Use of such material is not to be deemed as necessarily countenancing the moral values, practices, identifications, prejudices, attitudes, lack of inclusivity or deeds of the past or present, or of any culture.
    11. The class or webinar tutor is also at liberty to employ technical astrological terms and pronouns that are in general and accepted usage within the astrological tradition or system practised by the them. These clarifications are made in full cognisance of contemporary race, gender, cultural and age sensitivities. This will be reflected in the selection, presentation and tone of course or webinar material.
      If the right of the class or webinar tutor to select relevant material as detailed above is not respected, a student/attendee may be required to leave a course/webinar to avoid the disruption of the learning experience for other students/attendees. If this happens, the student/attendee in question will not be eligible for a refund.
    12. The tutor has the right to exclude any participant for any reason. If a participant is excluded from the class/webinar, a refund will be given for classes/webinars not yet taken after deduction of a 20% admin fee.
    13. MISPA has the right to refuse any participant from booking any class/webinar.
    14. The programme of any class/webinar is subject to change if necessary.
    15. To qualify for discounted rates, students must be actively studying with the MISPA Diploma course.
    16. We may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time and any changes will be notified on the website.