MISPA’s course consists of two years (six modules), consisting of a number of set classes which teach the core themes and skills of psychological astrology, and additional webinars, Q & A sessions, discussion events and videos on a variety of topics exploring different avenues of psychological astrology, counselling skills and other techniques to help them provide better astrological consultations. and broaden their astrological knowledge.

Note: The course has slightly changed since this video was made – see our prospectus for up to date details.

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Download our Diploma Course Recommended Reading List for Year 1 here

Year One

Year One 2023/24 Dates

Classes take place on a Tuesday. Time: 18:45-21:15 GMT/BST

Each term consists of four core classes and one supervision group plus additional videos and activities that will be posted each term. Students also get to pick one free webinar per term, they may attend extra webinars at a student rate.

Module 1 – The Psyche

Tuesdays. Dates: 24 October – 21 November 2023.
Time: 18:45-21:15 GMT/BST

  • Introduction to Jungian psychology and the persona
  • Complexes and projection
  • The shadow
  • The anima and animus
  • Supervision group
  • A webinar of your choice

Module 2 – Relationships

Tuesdays. Dates: 30 January – 27 Feb 2024.
Time: 18:45-21:15 GMT/BST

  • Relationship astrology – synastry and composites (2 lessons)
  • Parental images and family dynamics (2 lessons)
  • Supervision group
  • A webinar of your choice

Module 3 – Navigating the Future

Tuesdays. Dates: 7 May – 4 June 2024.
Time: 18:45-21:15 GMT/BST

  • The psychology of transits, progressions and directions (2 lessons)
  • Life cycles
  • Solar returns
  • Supervision group
  • A webinar of your choice

Plus additional lectures, discussion events, practice sessions and videos for both years.

Year Two (Click to view)

Year Two

Classes, Webinars and supervisions take place on a Sunday, Time: 15:30-18:00 GMT/BST

Each term will have three webinars each given by a different tutor or visiting lecturer and 2 core classes. For current webinars see our webinar page.

There will be one supervision group per term (two in 2023/24) with students split into smaller groups with a separate tutor. Supervision groups are a time to share charts you are working on with the group to practice your skills and to ask for advice.
Each student will also have a one hour oral assessment with a tutor in the third term.

Year Two 2023/24 Dates – Hybrid format

Term 1

Sundays. Time: 15:30-18:00 GMT/BST

  • 22nd October 2023 – Student/Staff Meeting
  • 29th October 2023 – Safron Rossi – Soul-Making and the Sky Within: James Hillman and the Archetypal Psyche
  • 5th November 2023 – Shawn Nygaard – Another Look at Chiron & the Archetypal Wound
  • 12th November 2023 – Darby Costello – When there are two sign rulers: What to do?
  • 19th November 2023 – Supervision Groups
  • 26th November 2023 – Supervision Groups

Full details of this term’s webinars can be found here

Term 2

Dipolma Course astrology

Sundays. Time: 15:30-18:00 GMT/BST

  • 28th January 2024 – Lynn Bell – Seeing Eye to Eye: the Astrology of Brothers and Sisters
  • 11th February 2024 – Martin Moritz – The Descendant and Partner Choices
  • 18th February 2024 – Carole Taylor – Interpreting the Whole Chart
  • 25th February 2024 – Supervision Groups
  • 3rd March 2024 – Supervision Groups

Term 3

Sundays. Time: 15:30-18:00 GMT/BST

  • 12th May 2024 – Darby Costello – Progressions and Transits: Navigating Clues
  • 19th May 2024 – Supervision Groups
  • 2nd June 2024 – Shawn Nygaard – The Moon and the Outer Planets – The Many Moods of the Modern Moon
  • 9th June 2024 – Jason Holley – Relocation Charts: Place and Psyche
  • 16th June 2024 – Supervision Groups

Plus additional lectures, discussion events, practice sessions and videos for both years.

Year Two 2024/25  – New format

Module 4

Dates TBC – Sundays. Time: 15:30-18:00 GMT/BST

  • Vocation
  • Body and psyche
  • All three webinars
  • Supervision group

Module 5

Dipolma Course astrology

Dates TBC – Sundays. Time: 15:30-18:00 GMT/BST

  • The astrology of the collective
  • World astrology
  • All three webinars
  • Supervision group

Module 6

Dates TBC – Sundays. Time: 15:30-18:00 GMT/BST

  • The consulting astrologer
  • Chart narration
  • All three webinars
  • Supervision group

Plus additional lectures, discussion events, practice sessions and videos for both years.

Webinar topics covered will be various, some covering special areas of interest of the lecturer, others looking at more core themes.

Topics may include, but are not limited to, subjects such as:- current cycles, planetary archetypes, signs and houses, aspects, techniques and ethics of forecasting, relationship astrology, interpretation techniques, body/mind, myths, counselling skills and other techniques such as horary, midpoints, harmonics etc.

Past webinars are available to view on demand also at a special student rate.

On completing the required number of classes, webinars, supervision groups and an oral assessment the student is entitled to receive the MISPA Certificate of Completion in Psychological Astrology.

After completing the certificate, the student is entitled to take the MISPA Diploma in Psychological Astrology, with permission to use the letters Dip. MISPA after passing the Diploma exam.

In order to be awarded the MISPA Diploma in Psychological Astrology the student must present a one and a half hour oral exam to at least two tutors, demonstrating their skills with a client over a series of sessions. An extra fee is payable for the Diploma exam. All requirements will be discussed with a course tutor before taking the exam.

The MISPA Diploma Course is a recognised course of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI) and Diploma holders are eligible to become members of the association. MISPA is proud to be a full member of the APAE (The Advisory Panel on Astrological Education).

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