Recommended Books

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Apollon was a journal published by the Centre for Psychological Astrology edited by Dermod Moore. Running from 1998 to 2001 it featured articles by leading practitioners in both astrology and psychology. The magazine’s six issues are indispensable reading for students and professionals alike and are available to download free from the CPA here


MISPA Books is Mercury Internet School’s publishing arm. Our first release was by John Green in February 2015 and more books will follow soon.

Do You Love Me? – The Astrology of Relationships
John Green

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In this book, John Green teaches the astrology student how to compare our charts with those of others in order to gain an understanding of the various types of relationships we encounter in our own life and those of our clients. Based on a series of online seminars given by John to students, the text explains how by looking into the psychological nature of these relationships we can gain deep insights into ourselves, learn about the patterns we fall into within relationships and make changes to improve our interactions with others.

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Other Books

Mapping the Psyche Series
Clare Martin

Mapping the Psyche is a three volume introduction to psychological astrology, based on the transcriptions of a course Clare Martin taught for many years at the Centre for Psychological Astrology. These books are an ideal entry point into astrology’s symbolic language, and are recommended for anyone with a serious interest in discovering how astrology can enhance self-understanding and promote psychic integration. Audience participation in these seminar style books ensures that psychological terms are fully explained and illustrated with personal examples. Clare draws from a variety of sources, including the perennial philosophy, alchemy and the kabbalah, demonstrating the inherently spiritual and magical dimensions of this approach to psychological astrology.

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