The Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA) offers a professional online training course in psychological astrology.

MISPA’s course consists of two years (six modules), consisting of a number of set classes which teach the core themes and skills of psychological astrology, and additional webinars, Q & A sessions, discussion events and videos on a variety of topics exploring different avenues of psychological astrology, counselling skills and other techniques to help them provide better astrological consultations. The course is run as real time online tutorials. The student will be able to interact with the tutor and other students, ask questions and watch the recorded sessions if they miss them or wish to revisit them. It should be noted that no formal training as a counsellor or therapist is provided by the course.

The course runs over three-terms each year, with terms usually starting in October, January and April. Students are expected to attend or watch the recordings of all classes and available webinars. Each term will have supervision groups which students must attend and where each student has the opportunity of presenting case material from the charts they are working on. In the second year an oral assessment will be conducted for each student. The recordings of each lesson are available to watch online 24/48 hours after the lesson finishes. Our complete FAQ’s are here

Aspects by Marianne-Tolentino


On completing the required number of classes, webinars, supervision groups and an oral assessment the student is entitled to receive the MISPA Certificate of Completion in Psychological Astrology.

After completing the certificate course, the student is entitled to take MISPA’s Diploma in Psychological Astrology, with permission to use the letters Dip. MISPA. In order to be awarded the MISPA Diploma in Psychological Astrology the student must present a one and a half hour oral exam to at least two tutors, demonstrating their skills with a client over a series of sessions. An extra fee is payable for the Diploma exam. The successful graduate will be able to apply the principles and techniques learned during the course to their professional activities as a consultant astrologer.

The MISPA Diploma does not constitute a formal counselling or psycho-therapeutic training, therefore students who wish to work as ongoing counsellors or therapists are encouraged to complete a further training course focussing on these skills.


The MISPA Diploma Course costs £1800. This is payable in six instalments, due before each term commences. (£300 for each term). The full course fee covers the cost of classes, webinars, supervision groups and oral assessments. If students in the first year wish to attend additional webinars, they are entitled to a student reduction in the webinar fee.

Admission Requirements


The guidelines for admission to the course are:

  1. A sound basic knowledge of the meaning of the signs, planets, houses, aspects, transits and progressions. We recommend the Foundations of Psychological Astrology Course run by John Green at the CPA (details here) which will take the student to the required level of knowledge. We are also happy to consider those who have taken a similar level course at other schools or, if they feel they have the knowledge without a formal course, they may apply and we may set a written assessment if we feel it is necessary.
  2. Being able and willing to work on one’s own individual development.
  3. Adequate educational background, level of English and communication ability will be looked for in students, as well as a degree of empathy, integrity and sense of responsibility.

Whilst not a formal requirement MISPA would recommend that all students be involved in a recognised form of depth psychotherapy with a therapist, analyst or counsellor of their choice. We also recommend that they take a course in counselling skills or therapeutic training. This is because we believe no responsible counsellor of any persuasion can hope to deal sensitively and wisely with another person’s psyche without some experience of their own.

Download the MISPA Prospectus here

Details of the Diploma Course and application form here >>>

Other Requirements

You will require a computer with a web browser, broadband connection and the Zoom Application. You will require a headset for supervision groups.
Full system requirements are listed here. Webinar terms & conditions are here.