The Descendant and Partner Choices


Martin MoritzMartin Moritz

Sunday 11th February 2024
15.30-18.00 BST

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Webinar Description

As a couples therapist my bread and butter is to work out how this often complex cliché ridden pattern of ‘opposites attract‘ affect our relationships. Astrology has helped me many times to get a clearer picture of these patterns and how they play out. In this webinar we will shed light on this fascinating topic by sharing certain rules which makes it easier to define ‘what kind of partner‘ a native will attract.

We will be looking at: the sign on the descendant and its polarity with the ascendant; the house in which the ruler of the descendant is placed; the aspects of the descendant ruler; and planets in the 7th house. All of these have a profound effect on our partner choices and how harmonious or challenging our relationship patterns may play out. As well as the theory, I will present many charts in order to demonstrate how my guide works.

Martin Sebastian Moritz lives in Hamburg and Berlin. He started out as actor and dancer, before his life took a turn and he decided to study psychology and astrology. With ten years of teaching Psychodrama under his belt, he now specializes in couple therapy, often helped with astrological readings. He teaches Psychological Astrology and also specializes in Karmic astrology, gender issues and biography work. He has lived for many years in London, his home away from home. He lectures all over Germany and Austria and gave talks at NORWAC, the AA conference and the Astrological Lodge. He writes for German and Swiss astrology magazines, as well as for the Astrological Journal. The English version of his book on the 8th house will be published this year in the UK. Website:

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