The Houses: How to Become an Astrological Estate Agent – Part 1

The Houses: How to Become an Astrological Estate Agent – Part 1

With Helen Sewell

In this webinar I am going to explore the Houses – maybe this is because I have four planets in the Fourth House and I love houses of all kinds! In another life, I would have been an estate agent, because then I could have indulged my fascination by wandering through different houses and getting a feel for the people who inhabit them. One’s house is like a metaphor for one’s mind, and this intrigues me. An astrologer however can visit other people’s ‘Houses’ in a different way – casting an eye over the planets who inhabit them, or the signs on the cusps, this enables us to likewise get a feeling for the owner and gain a glimpse into their psyche.

The Houses are often the most misunderstood aspect for the astrology student as some of the meanings assigned to them can be a little confusing. Students might, for example, read that the Fifth House rules such widely diverse areas as creativity, children, gambling and love affairs. How can astrologers truly help their clients without understanding the psychological essence of why these often disconnected areas are assigned to a particular house? In these webinars on the Houses we will be particularly focusing on how the astrologer can interpret them in the most therapeutic and enlightening way so that people are able to have a deeper understanding of their core motivations and gain a greater acceptance of themselves.

In this first webinar, I will be focusing on the pairings of the First/Seventh, Second/Eighth and Third/Ninth Houses to try to reach beyond the traditional stereotypes of these Houses. Jung focused a lot on the tension of opposites, especially between the conscious and unconscious, and this approach can be very helpful in exploring which Houses are inhabited more than others, and why. As we go on our journey of discovery around the Houses, we will look at specific charts which throw a deeper light on what it really means to be an astrological estate agent.

This video is taken from a live online webinar given for the Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA) by Helen Sewell in 2015. Duration: 2 hours 21 minutes