Synastry Course

This six-part course takes an in-depth look at approaching synastry in psychological astrology. How can we use synastry to examine the processes involved when we are a relationship with others? What does it show us about our chart and how can we understand the relationships we have better? The course focuses on romantic relationships but will also cover the use of synastry in other important relationships we have in our lives.

The first five lessons cover:

  • Understanding our view of relationships within our natal chart.
  • The basics of synastry
  • House overlays in synastry
  • Cross aspects in synastry
  • Transits and progressions and their role in synastry
  • Synastry in other important relationships: clients, family members, friends, work colleagues, bosses and countries


The final lesson is an in-depth study of a couple’s synastry.

This course was given online by astrologer John Green in 2014. The course formed the basis of his book ‘Do You Love Me? The Astrology of Relationships’ published by MISPA Books in 2015. Duration: 11 hours 16 minutes