Psychologizing the Ancient Doctrine of Sect: Day, Night, and Twilight Consciousness

Psychologizing the Ancient Doctrine of Sect: Day, Night, and Twilight Consciousness

With Jason Holley

One of the most exciting gifts of astrology is its insistence on our psychic multiplicity, its acknowledgment that within each of us teems a multitude of powers, planets, and stars all carrying different agendas, gifts, memories, desires. While the Daytime consciousness embraced by the modern world allows us to see merely one star, the Sun, astrology bridges us to Night, a consciousness teeming with planets, stars, asteroids, nebulae – the possibility of re-membering a much vaster psychic inheritance.

In this webinar we will explore the Hellenistic concept of sect, the idea that certain planets, signs, houses, and even aspects are adherents or followers of either Night or Day. But where ancient astrology pursued the Daytime task of using sect to assess planetary condition and effectiveness, we will take a more Nighttime approach, freeing ourselves from the distinctions of Day charts versus Night charts, and instead investigate the Day and Night spaces found in every chart – and the self-states (constellations of thoughts, feelings, sensations, desires, and relational orientations) that these represent psychologically. We will explore the mythological stories and philosophical concepts of Day and Night, and specifically look at these concepts applied to planets, signs, houses, and aspects in the natal chart. Case studies drawn from long-term psychotherapy will examine how Night and Day consciousness emerge, recede, and pendulate at different times in life and in the process of fully embodying one’s inherent multiplicity over time.

We will also explore Twilight – a special in-between space and state of consciousness that bridges Night and Day and offers creative opportunities to each person and to astrologers in our work with clients. As well, we will consider how some special astrological phenomena – such as solar eclipses, literally the temporary entry of Night into Day – can be better understood through the lens of sect, psychologized.

This video is taken from a live online webinar given for the Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA) by Jason Holley in 2020. Duration: 2 hours 34 minutes