Making Saturn Your Friend

Saturn often has a rough time in astrology, he is the great time keeper, Kronos the child devourer, the senex, the greater malefic, the dweller on the threshold and the grim reaper. In my client work I often hear stories of dread regarding people’s Saturn placement; their fights with authority, their inability to keep things stable and secure and their fear around areas of life they believe themselves to be useless in. In this age where so many want eternal youth, the fear of death and old age that Saturn brings also weighs heavily upon us.

But Saturn is not just the figure of dread he is often painted, he can protect and guide, help us reach mastery and ultimately help us on the road to knowing who we truly are. In this video we look at how to make Saturn your friend, wherever his placement or aspects lie in your chart. Join me and explore how to find the greatness of Saturn in your life.

This video is taken from a live online webinar given for The Centre for Psychological Astrology by John Green in 2013. Duration: 2 hours 13 minutes