Liz Greene – Saturn Webinars

This series of three in-depth webinars on the planetary symbol of Saturn were given by world renowned astrologer Liz Greene for MISPA and the CPA in 2015. Duration: 7 hours 9 minutes

Part 1 – There have been many approaches to and interpretations of Saturn over the centuries, from older representations as a powerful yet malevolent Gnostic archon, through later Neoplatonic and Hermetic understandings of the planet as the matrix of divinity and the gateway to the soul, to more modern perceptions of the planet as a psychological pattern related to fear, envy, fate, and ultimately, authenticity, transformation, and the building of a solid sense of self. In this first seminar, Liz Greene explores the meaning of the planet from various perspectives – historical, mythological, psychological, alchemical, and magical – and examines its expressions in the natal horoscope through its sign, house, and aspects to other planets.

Part 2 – The second seminar on Saturn explores the meaning of the planet in motion. Liz Greene examines Saturn’s 29.5-year cycle, its expressions through its transits to other planets and their transits to Saturn’s natal place, and in Saturn’s movements in the progressed chart. She also considers Saturn’s symbolism as a representation of particular shifts and expressions in the collective psyche, through the sign in which it is transiting and by its aspects to other planets, in order to gain insight into some of the important currents at work in the present world.

Part 3 – In the third seminar Liz Greene explores the planet in relationships and in the various human expressions of love, hate, envy, admiration, and mutual transformation. She examines Saturn’s meaning in the psychology of the synastry between two charts, as well as its expressions in the composite chart. She also considers Saturn in the individual natal chart in terms of the planet’s connections with personal relationship patterns, compulsions, conflicts, and aspirations.