Liz Greene – Chiron Webinars

This series of three in-depth webinars on the planetary symbol of Chiron were given by world renowned astrologer Liz Greene for MISPA and the CPA in 2020. Duration: 7 hours 2 minutes

Part One – Chiron in the natal chart: Part 1: Wisdom and the Beast

In myth Chiron was a Centaur: one of a tribe of hybrid beings, half horse and half human, who sprang from the union of Kronus/Saturn in the shape of a stallion with the nymph Phillyra. Unique among his wild fellow Centaurs, Chiron learned the healing arts and became the teacher and mentor of young heroes such as Achilles and Jason. But this remarkable hybrid between wisdom and instinct unfairly suffered a poisoned wound whose pain could only be relieved through acceptance of his mortality. This first of a series of three seminars on the minor planet/comet Chiron explores the complex mythology of this ancient figure, its discovery in the late 20th century, and its meaning and psychological significance in the individual birth chart, by sign, house, and aspects, as a symbol of those apparently intractable wounds within us that are linked with deeper social, spiritual, and philosophical issues, and which can ultimately express themselves as the potential to teach and heal as well as to harm and destroy.

Part Two – The transits and progressions of Chiron: On the Gallop

This second seminar on the minor planet/comet Chiron explores the astrological and psychological meaning of its transits to other natal planets, and through the significance of other planets transiting Chiron’s natal place. The Chiron cycle takes roughly fifty years, but its orbit is elliptical rather than circular, and individuals experience its cyclical aspects to its own place at different times in life. We also explore the importance of natal Chiron in synastry, because major aspects to and from one’s natal Chiron to another person’s natal chart are surprisingly frequent in deep relationships, even brief ones, that have a major impact on our consciousness of our own vulnerability. Like a transiting planet aspecting natal Chiron, another person’s natal planets aspecting natal Chiron can invoke both the savagery of the wounded animal and the potential wisdom of the archetypal healer and teacher

Part Three – Chiron in the collective: Collective Wounds

The Chiron cycle through the zodiac reflects particular spheres in which the collective psyche suffers a sense of unfair wounding along with the potential for greater wisdom. Transiting Chiron’s conjunctions and oppositions with transiting Saturn and the outer planets symbolise times of heightened crises in which a sense of unfair damage and injustice allies itself with visions of progress, longings for redemption, and the fundamental instinct for survival at all costs, resulting in a wide range of human efforts, creative and destructive, to assuage the pain. This last of the series of three seminars on Chiron explores Chiron’s cycle in terms of the collective experience of the Centaur’s myth as well as the individual’s relationship with a specific Chiron generation group, reflecting an acute awareness of particular issues in the world that initially feel like deeply personal hurts but which reveal their broader significance with increased individual consciousness.