Helen Sewell


Helen Sewell is a professional psychological astrologer, having gained a diploma with the CPA in the late 1990s. With over 25 years client experience, she now has a busy international private practice in East Sussex. Helen is also a Relate-trained couple therapist and has found astrology to be a particularly useful tool when addressing relationship issues if clients request this. Over the years, Helen has taught astrology to various groups including deputising as tutor for the beginners class at the CPA. She joined MISPA at its inception in 2015.

Being passionate about astrology she has put a lot of energy into informing people about its validity as a worthwhile tool in helping to deepen understanding of the human condition and as a mirror to world events, providing a road map to what can sometimes be bewildering experiences. With this in mind, as well as addressing astrologers Helen often speaks to groups and presents at conferences around the world where the audience have little or no knowledge of astrology, to wave the flag for this often maligned art. Helen’s work has been featured in several magazines, and she has appeared on numerous radio shows and her presentations on Sky’s Edge TV and YouTube have been watched by many people.

For information about Helen’s services as an astrologer please go to: www.astrologicalinsights.co.uk