MISPA Myth Day

A Celebration of Myth & Astrology for MISPA’s 5th Birthday

Sunday 19th April 2020 - 13.00-21.00 BST (talks each hour)

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MISPA will be celebrating its 5th birthday with a day of online talks from our astrology tutors exploring some of their favourite myths and stories and how they relate to astrology. Join us live on Sunday 19th April as we delve into the mythological world or access the recordings later.

Each talk will last 35-45 minutes starting on the hour.

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Webinar 1

Hermes: Trickster / Guardian

Tutor: Darby Costello
Time: 13:00 BST

The Greek god Hermes is the ancestor of our astrological Mercury. Exploring aspects of his nature can aid us in understanding the depths and heights of Mercury in our own charts and those with whom we engage every day.

Webinar 1

Snow White

Tutor: Helen Sewell
Time: 14.00 BST

In choosing the story of Snow White, with its central theme of narcissistic wounding, I’m hoping to explore the universal tension between immature self-interest on the one hand and the capacity for relationship on the other. This is essentially the story of personal development and can also be expressed as the conflict between power and love. Astrologically this can be symbolised by the contradictory natures of the planets Mars and Venus and the houses which they rule, particularly the ascendant and descendant. The story of Snow White outlines how these seemingly irreconcilable opposites can, through suffering, be fruitfully resolved.

Webinar 1

The Myth of Pandora, the First Woman

Tutor: Juliet Sharman-Burke
Time: 15.00 BST

Prometheus, a Titan, created man out of clay and his own tears. He loved his creation so dearly he was prepared to risk anything to ensure their survival. This involved him stealing fire from the gods which incurred a horrific punishment. In retaliation, Zeus commanded Hephaestus, god of the forge, to create a woman in the likeness of the Olympian goddesses. We shall see in this myth how man and womankind have within them the remnants of the gods in the shape of planets and we shall see how this plays out in our examination of the horoscope. Perhaps myth can describe more powerfully than anything else the force of planetary expressions as they fight or befriend each other in the natal chart.

Webinar 1

Tristan and Isolde

Tutor: Clare Martin
Time: 16.00 BST

The myth of Tristan and Isolde reveals the archetypal nature of triangular relationships, the psychological roots of which can be traced back to the Oedipus complex.  The theme of competition in love is hard to break, and usually involves much distress and unhappiness for all parties involved.

This myth adds further insight and a deeper understanding of the polarity between passion and morality described by the Aries/Libra axis. We will explore the charts of people who have been caught in its dilemmas.

Webinar 1

Orpheus & Eurydice in the Underworld - Bringing the World Back into Tune

Tutor: Shawn Nygaard
Time: 17.00 BST

The music of Orpheus enchants the world, bringing it to life and captivating all who listen: animals, humans, and nature alike. The tragic death of his love, Eurydice, draws Orpheus into the Underworld and into a confrontation with Hades and Persephone, the realm's king and queen. A tale of love, loss, heartbreak, and doubt, in which we can find a surprising number of astrological correlations. This webinar looks at how an open heart and a descent into the Underworld restore an order to the world vital for our times.

Webinar 1

Hephaestus: Rejection, Envy and Creativity

Tutor: Lynn Bell
Time: 18.00 BST

Hephaestus, the crippled smith, is conceived by his mother without a father, then rejected for his deformity.  His myth illuminates the shadow issues around Jupiter, about not being good enough, in a parent's eyes. Hephaestus, the devalued masculine, is courted for his ingenuity and skill , mocked for his wife's infidelity  We will look at mothers and sons, and how creativity may bring healing to envy.

Webinar 1

Odin and the Runes

Tutor: John Green
Time: 19:00 BST

When we seek wisdom, we are following an ancient path of initiation. That may be magic, astrology or any occult knowledge. The Norse god Odin was such a seeker of wisdom but the path is never a simple one. We will look at the myths of Odin and the huge sacrifices he made in order to understand more about the path we are on and what it means astrologically and for our psychological development.

Webinar 1

Ialdabaoth, the Gnostic Demiurge

Tutor: Liz Greene
Time: 20:00 BST

Gnostic stories about the creation of the universe, the origin and nature of the planetary Archons, and the destiny of the human soul comprise a true mythology equal in importance to other ancient and late antique mythologies. Gnostic cosmologies, although diverse and often contradictory, are invariably rooted in astrology as well as in an interior perspective of fate, and can offer profound insights into the psychology of the planets; Jung believed that Gnostic myths provided the antecedents for many of his own psychological insights. Ialdabaoth, the Archon of the planet Saturn and the child of Divine Wisdom (Sophia), is particularly relevant in his role as the demiurgos or maker of manifest reality, and in his association with the generation of Envy as an archetypal destructive principle in the world and in the human soul. Two millennia after the story of Ialdabaoth was presented in Gnostic texts, the psychoanalyst Melanie Klein, without any familiarity with Gnostic literature, described the roots of Envy in ways virtually identical to the Gnostic understanding of this most complex of human expressions.


£10 to attend the live online event and have streaming access to the recording for 24 hours only, £45 to attend the live online event and have lifetime streaming access to the recording, £37 for lifetime streaming access to the recordings only. If attending the live event you don't have to attend it all - you can drop in and out during the day then catch up with the recordings. Limited numbers available for live places.

A percentage of the profits will be set aside to create a MISPA Diploma Course Scholarship fund.

The webinar will be recorded and all those who have booked will be sent the link for streaming access to the recording approximately 24/48 hours after the event, this is for those who want to watch again, who missed it live or have paid for access to the recordings. The recordings will be availble for the duration stated above according to your ticket price.

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